cargo barriers
cargo barrier cargo barriers

Our cargo barriers closely follow the contours of your vehicle and are powder coated charcoal. Autosafe Cargo Barriers are manufactured using 19mm square tube and 3mm mesh. Autosafe Cargo Barriers are tested to comply with AS 4034.1:2001Autosafe

vapour barrier vapour barriers

We choose Autosafe Anti-Vapour Barriers. They are rated to comply with Australian Standards and are easy to install. They maintain cabin area climate control and also act as a cargo barrier as per Australian Standard AS/NZS 4034.1: 2001. Autosafe

window guards window guards

Limit forced break-in into you vehicle and protect the window from breakage due to moving cargo by installing a window guard. Ensure your tools of trade and cargo are protected with Autosafe Window Guarding.


load guard load guards

We recommend and install Autosafe Loadguards® to provide protection for occupants in the cabin of utility type vehicles. They are impact and pierce rated for maximum safety and rated to the same standard as the cargo arrier range. All Autosafe Loadguards® are zinc plated prior to powdercoating for ultimate protection.